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Aug 25, 2023

Elevate Your Knitting Confidence Even If You’re A Complete Beginner!

After months of work I’ve finally written my first book! It’s called Knitting Habits, and it’s a curated guide of my best knitting tips to enhance your skills.

It covers everything from skill development, organization, yarn and needle selection, to cost-saving, organized by topic and skill level. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

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Here’s A Sneak Peak Inside The Contents:

Part 1: Skillbuilding Tips

  • Discover the essential skills you need to maximize enjoyment.

  • Learn what myself and other experts WISH they knew when they started.

  • Find out about gauge swatches and how they can save your projects.

  • See my recommendations for finding community, off and online.

  • Know about all the little-talked about but essential knitting techniques.

Part 2: Stitching Tips

  • Never make the same easy to fix mistakes again.

  • Learn what the best method for casting on is.

  • Discover quick fixes for common stitch patterns.

  • Reduce stress by seeing what seems like a big mistake but doesn’t have to be.

Part 3: Organization Tips

  • Learn which tools will make your knitting life much easier.

  • Get an easy hack for knitting on the go.

  • Discover simple strategies for keeping everything in order.

Part 4: Yarn Tips

  • Find out how to choose yarn without feeling overwhelmed.

  • Learn how to build, organize (and downsize) a stash of your own.

  • Never have a disaster by learning to care for your knitted items.

Part 5: Knitting Needle Tips

  • Discover which needle materials, sizes, tip types and style suit each project and skill level best.

  • Get easy to follow guidelines on how to properly care for them.

Part 6: Budget Tips

  • Learn which skills will save you money and bring you more satisfaction.

  • Find out which tools you can replace with cheaper alternatives, or items you might already have.

  • Discover the best places to get free and affordable resources and tools for your knitting journey.

Here’s What Some Lovely People Had To Say

“Jodie’s book is a great resource for knitters of all skill levels and experience, filled with lots of great tips, tricks and tools to add to your knitting toolbox!”

– Nancy Lobban, Designer, Teacher & Lifelong Knitter @ Ciobair

“The format is laid out nicely. It’s easy to read and understand, and follow along. I’m impressed and loved reading every minute of it!”

– Gail Halling

“Jodie shares in the book all her experience in a practical and easy way, giving the reader many suggestions about how to complete a project and reducing the frustration that sometimes arise while practicing. As she says in the book: ‘Be kind to yourself and know that making mistakes is a part of learning. No one is perfect!’ Try to learn something new and have fun!”

– Cinzia Matricciani, Author & Blogger @ Il Sorriso del Bradipo

  • “It’s clear and has some really good tips and advice that would be perfect for anyone starting out. I may need to get ‘do not work on your main yarn project when angry’ printed on my craft room wall!”

    – Kelly Bloomfield

  • “Lots of helpful hints herein for a newbie knitter. Never lose one’s mojo with this little guide alongside!”

    – June Pither

  • “It’s an easy read with the basics explained very clearly. These are helpful tips for beginners.”

    – Molly DeWalt

  • “It’s a very interesting premise. The content is very crisp and clear I did enjoy how large the text is, it made it very easy for me to read. I really enjoyed the small glimpses into your own personal knitting experience in between the practical advice, it broke everything up and made it more personal and personable.”

    – Christine Zeitler

  • “The information is comprehensive for a beginner or newbie knitter.”

    – Tina Irving

  • “Just read the book. It was spot on. Very easy to follow and visualize.”

    – Aida Chimelis

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