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Introducing: The Art Of Fiber

Become a more joyful crafter with a spark of creativity every Friday in your inbox.

Feel stuck trying to actually enjoy your crafting amidst a hectic schedule? We all struggle to find time to get the most from our hobbies.

Enter a multitude of wonderful resources of inspiration: videos, podcasts, websites, online classes, but so little time to explore it all!

But, these resources offer insights into how we can slow down and enjoy our favorite skills more, and find a community of like minded others.

So, every Friday, I’ll take a question or a relevant topic like:

  • What’s the best way to manage a yarn stash?

  • How do I find more fulfillment in my crafting?

  • How can I decide what learning technique is best for me?

  • What’s a great way to get faster at knitting?

  • How do you plan an ambitious crafting project?

And, I’ll look through the best articles, YouTube videos, online resources, books, and my own knowledge, and send you a summary of my favorite thoughts.

That’s it. Become a more joyful crafter with a spark of creativity in your inbox.

Plus, I’ll share fun recs for reading, listening, learning, and appreciating!

Here’s Why I’m Doing This:

Books, podcasts, and in-depth tutorials are wonderful at helping us learn, find more joy, and spend our time doing things we love.

But I’ve noticed: in today’s chaotic online world, there’s too much helpful information! Sometimes, too much is worse than not enough.

All we need are a few simple ideas. And those can make an enormous difference in our crafting joy, inspiration, and connection.

That’s the point of Fiber Friday: a joyful, stress-free crafting journey.

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To recap: Become a more joyful crafter with a spark of creativity in your inbox.

I hope you’ll join me!

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About Me:

Hi there! I'm Jodie Morgan, a fiber artist, knitter, crocheter, and blogger with 40+ years of knitting and 17+ years of crocheting experience. Originally from Melbourne, Australia, I’m now living in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I was taught to knit by my Mum and my grandmother, "Mama".

As a member of the Craft Industry Alliance, I love connecting with fellow enthusiasts, sharing resources, tips, and creations online.

I also love reading and connecting with the lovely writers here on Substack who discuss the fiberarts. If you’d like to see who I recommend, visit this page.

In my downtime, I enjoy coffee with cream and crafting handmade gifts.

Say hello! Email me: jodiemorgan@substack.com, or find me on Substack Notes.

Here’s Where Else You Can Find Me:

I’ve written an eBook, Knitting Habits: Unraveling 180+ Years Of Knitting Wisdom, which you can order here. It’s a curated guide of my best knitting tips to enhance your skills.

It covers everything from skill development, organization, yarn and needle selection, to cost-saving, organized by topic and skill level. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some experience, I’m sure you’ll find it useful.

I also run two blogs, Knit Like Granny & Crochet Penguin.

I started Knit Like Granny & Crochet Penguin to show 1,000,000 people the joys of knitting, crochet, and the fiber arts, and highlight alternatives to fast fashion.

(Disclosure: Any purchases made through links may earn me a commission.)

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Jodie Morgan

I'm Jodie Morgan, an avid knitter/crocheter based in Chiang Mai, Thailand + the author of Knitting Habits, a book unraveling 180+ years of wisdom. My 40+ years in knitting & 17+ in crocheting led to a passion for sharing craft tips online. Say hello!